Thoughts of just another teenage-girl…

I’m just one of the various girls living their so-called “Teenage Dream”! Alert….its not a dream,its not candies and chill. It’s probably the worst phase in life anyone has to go through or maybe the BEST because we learn alot. We slowly understand what the world is actually like and the facade of the people become a little transparent.

I love to read,write,bake and daydream! I know that sounds kinda cliche but honestly they are very helpful 😊 For a person like me its like a stress-buster. I don’t know how many people are out there who think like me 😬I haven’t met anyone as such yet….

Basically,Elders go about saying “Ooh! You’ve grown up!Have you decided what you want to study?Do you have any goals in life? Are your grades good? “. I find it highly annoying because that’s not what you should ask! What you should ask is “How are you doing? Is everything cool with life? Do you want to vent out? I trust your decision will be right for you”. Maybe their are some exceptions who are thoughtful and I’m glad they exist.

At times I wonder, before pollution kills me or any damn disease in the world kills me. It’ll be the nasty human beings with poison for heart and creepers for brains who will choke me to death! I ain’t kidding…

I’m grateful for you and to God that you’re alive, breathing and well. We don’t know what may happen to us. Life is uncertain so live it to the fullest! You don’t have to live upto anyone’s expectations it’s okay if you fail.«Failure is the stepping stone to Success!»

Always spread love, be kind, listen to others, give them your time. The good you do will come back to you in some form or other. Like they say energy cannot be destroyed it just changes from one form to another! Radiate positive energy or negative doesn’t matter it may benefit someone 👍


It’s a Me thing.

Well…Being very honest with you guys! I may be a 16-year old teenage girl trying to survive in this mad human world.. But my brain , actions or any part of me DO NOT act according to my age! Once you’ll meet me you’ll know how I can annoy and irritate every inch of you.
I’m not and never Sorry for the way I act. That’s just the way I am! I can make you laugh and cry all the same.. Try me! One moment I can be grinning and saying, “Oooh! We’ve so much time to make more memories…” and the very next moment I’d bawl like a child and say, “What! we can only spend this much time together?”
Time has never been a factor for me as I move at my own pace…. Some days I wish to live longer and somedays shorter… The moments I spend with my friends or any human alive on this planet is the same. I could’ve known your for let’s say A Day only… But it’d seem like an Eternity and vice-versa… I have made friends (got acquainted) in a span of five minutes also lost special people in a 5-second gap. Time has been crucial in such circumstances.
I wished I was an introvert at times – less problems , more peace but I also want to meet one new person daily…you see


In the Last few months I have met a lot of new people, some of them have become friends for life and some are just Keepers…And yes one can never Judge a book by its cover!

So taking INSIDE OUT (one of my favorite movies) as an example. I’d like to let you know that Joy and Sad are doing a great job at handling my brain at the moment. I’m warning you guys not to trigger Disgust,Fear or Anger while they are relaxing. The outcome may not be nice.. And when I say I Like you or I Love you, I mean it! Do not take me lightly. If I hate you then Dude! You’re in for so much trouble! *smirk*

Toodles for now and Guys a small challenge- Smile at one random person daily, they might need it!😊


People around the world want friendships like the one in the famous TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S ….You’d be surprised by what I’m going to tell you now! I have had the privilege to meet THREE phenomenal humans! Their relationship is not just friendship it’s more like FAM(ship).
I had to join a different school to complete my Plus 2. It was in this school which I can call home now where I met these 3 people!
3 facts about them :
• They are my weirdly amazing seniors.
• They popped into each other lives approx. 2 years back.
• They don’t just love each other unconditionally , you’ll feel it radiating out of them!!!

So Life could’ve been different for all of us . Some would say it was luck or coincidence that they ended up together. I believe they complement each other so well that even the Fates could not have separated them. Blood maybe thicker than water but the bond binding them together is thicker and stronger.
The three of them make it a point to
– gossip in between periods,
– stay with each other during breaktime,
– be omnipresent to one another ,
– give each other hugs,
And I’ve seen them almost everywhere together . Their motto being :

“Three go in , Three come out!”

It’s like one soul being shared by three people ! If you ask one of them something then be ready to be answered by the other 2 as well! I don’t need to convey something individually to them. If one person knows then it’s passed on. No matter how closely they are knitted together ,you won’t feel left out if you join in the conversation. But they have their secret code language and mutual obsession about particular things as well…
I have known them for a little more than 2 months now . As per my observation , they need no other halves or soulmates …they are each others “one-thirds and soul sisters” !! They never fail to amuse me every single time I talk to them! I would not be surprised if they would end up in the same college ,if at all move in together …… There aren’t any words in the Oxford Dictionary that could possibly be apt enough to describe them. I think they are JUST SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!LY CLOSE !

I hope that many more friendships are inspired by them and that people learn how to love their friends and companions selflessly !


Hey you! Yes you who is reading this. I was just sitting and thinking to myself… if something’s had not happened in my life, would my life be different?? Had I not met some people, had I not done somethings, had I not expressed myself??

Sometimes, we just have a lot of questions in life and almost no one who has the answers to them. It’s just sad when we don’t know what to do at times. There are barriers laid down in our journey. The courageous and kind give and take help it get through it while the weak and scared simply decide to give up.

//Millions die hourly,
Billions born daily,
Trillions breathe monthly,
Gazillion activities done yearly,
Yet some people are lonely.//

We’ve become so,so very mechanical that we tend to ignore others feelings. Before saying that person did this or said that, first we’ve to look at ourselves.
How we treat a person tells a lot about us!! Me as I am, I have made a lot of mistakes and I keep making new ones and try not to repeat the old ones. I took wrong decisions in life, I trusted some people who I shouldn’t have… I did not only suffer from those events, I also emerged out of it with the help of some good souls. I’ve learnt a lot , at the same time I’m applying it to my life.
Some people get to the point of taking their own lives because they see no option left. They hang on till the very end, hoping for a miracle. Please do not become reason for someone’s death. Everyone has struggles in life, sharing it with someone eases your heart & soul. Never turn down anyone who needs help, you never know when you might be in the same position.
Yes you who read to the end. I Love You💕. You’re the reason someone’s happy so just Love yourself 😊

Ode to Someone !

This someone I will be talking about is a person whom I cherish a lot. In our journey on this earth , we have met or will meet this person at some point . That someone is like God’s Gift because both of you will teach or learn something from one another…

In the 16 years of my life, I have met such a person or many such people… They come in the form of 2AM buddies, Sisters, Seniors, Juniors…you name them! Some will leave and some will just stay on. Fragments of the presence of the other person will linger around you.

It’s not about how long you’ve known a person , sometimes it’s about how well you connect with them.

I feel thankful and blessed to have such eminent people in my life ; I can say so much more about them too. Thus,At times I wonder if I’m one such someone for somebody.

You never know who you may cross paths with or to whom you’d mean what. We all are God’s Blessing and our purpose is to live on to inspire somebody and to be inspired by the someone…This is a dedicated post for the “Someones” in my life.(* ̄︶ ̄*)

And to those who will meet their someone in future… Good luck ! You’d be very happy to meet them. ^ω^

Uncontrolled Cells and Population!

“CANCER”! It’s such a word that can send shivers down one’s spine. Funny right how a disease can make you as pale as a paper. Okay…well it’s not cause it makes you and your loved ones suffer.
Just think about it we humans consider ourselves to be supreme beings, trying to eradicate diseases and all. Still… Still there are so many diseases that are still prevalent . We keep trying to look for ways to prevent these diseases and cure them to help each other.

The mortality rate is decreasing and the natality rate keeps increasing and then there is the ‘rate of people trying to survive‘. We try to create a balance in our daily and diet. But we forgot to maintain a balance for the Earth.
There are SOME people such ‘wonderful‘ creatures who thoughtlessly ,unmindfully keep reproducing. Such a lot of methods and techniques have been discovered for controlling it , they won’t make use of it.

God helps those who help themselves. ”

Very familiar phrase right then kindly do not drag God in all shitty problems of your life. You may be the one who decides to have a child but it’s God who decides to accept the child as His own , because he cares. Apart from the Big Bang Theory, there is truth in the fact that A Divine Being called God has created this Earth. Just like how we cherish things that belong to us He too cherishes his Creations. If there is Good, there will be something Bad as well.
We drastically pollute the earth and then look for measures to make it clean. Everybody.keeps chanting “KARMA” well it’s right. If the Earth helps us ,we also try to help it. Similarly, if we pollute the Earth , wouldn’t it give us negative feedback too! It has the full right to do so too! That’s exactly the reason why there are so many diseases. Everything is linked in some way or the other.
‎ We pay rents to for a land that’s free. We take things from Nature to construct a house to live in by killing them. The Universe also complains when they find it unfair by spreading diseases making them epidemic through the Air, Water and Earth.
‎If we want to change the world we should start with ourselves. We are not perfect it’s obvious for us to make mistakes. That doesn’t mean we cannot retrace our steps to figure out where we went wrong.
I have a secret wish I’d like to share with you! Just like how there has been an Ice Age I can’t wait for something like that to happen again. I just wish the survivors of what may come upon us will make finally understand the doings of the Universe and cooperate with it.
‎ I’m just saying as I don’t really see us becoming any Better.

‎“We can look for substitutes in our life, but the Earth is one and only, you can’t ever find a substitute for it!”